Raspberry Peach Mint Sangria

Vegan Sangria

Long summer days and cool summer evenings are finally here and that calls for outdoor dinners and homemade sangria! Sangria is one of my favorite drinks to make because you just throw a variety of delicious items into a pitcher and you pretty much can’t go wrong. Whipping up a batch of cool, refreshing sangria only takes about five minutes and is so perfect to enjoy after a long day, while camping, at a BBQ or pretty much any time ever. Keep reading to find out more about how I pick out vegan alcohol and how to make this refreshing summer sangria.


Raspberry Peach Mint Sangria

The most important part of this recipe is the wine, and that you make sure that you have purchased VEGAN wine. As a wine lover I was heart broken to learn that not at wine is vegan, but as a dedicated animal lover I accepted my fate and have found a few wines that are vegan and typically stick to those. So depending on where you are reading this the wines I drink may not be available near you so here is what you can do to find out what wine that is available to you is vegan go to this website or download their app: http://www.barnivore.com/. This is ‘Barnivore’ is a search engine for wine/beer/liquor, you type in the name of the bottle you’re interested in purchasing and it will tell you if it is vegan. I will also google the bottle I am looking at and often times someone else has confirmed with the company themselves and will confirm if it is or isn’t vegan. Okay onto the recipe:



My favorite vegan wine is Las Mulas, and it is what I used in this recipe, as well as what I typically reach for in my local wine store. It does have the vegan stamp directly on the label which leaves me confident when drinking it. This sangria was refreshing and perfect on a hot summer evening. Please share any tips you may have on buying vegan alcohol, and your favorite vegan brands!




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