Coconut Sweet Potato Chickpea Soup

Soup time! I tend to meal prep a soup every week to have a quick go to meal on my busy days, and the best thing about soup is it seems the longer it’s in your fridge the better it tastes- kind of like left over Chinese food. I’ve already done a post about the healthy benefits of eating sweet potato, so it’s no shock that when I’m feeling a little sick I like to work them into my diet even more, with the coconut milk and chickpeas this soup is so creamy and nutritious. Keep reading for the recipe!


I love soups with a bit of a bite to them so I thought it would be fun to add a little Jalapeno to this soup, it added the perfect crunch as well as the perfect level of spice. With such a creamy base having a little crunch and a touch of spice really makes this soup the whole package and brings all the necessary flavors for a good meal all into one dish, sweet, spicy and savory. However if you are not a fan of spicy food you may omit the jalapeno entirely, or I suggest first remove the seeds from the jalapeno before chopping it up as the seeds hold the spice, by doing this you omit most of the spice but keep the crunch.

This soup is highly nutritious not only with the sweet potatoes but coconut milk has been proven to be amazing for your body as well. Studies suggest that coconut milk can help to build muscle and lose fat, lower you cholesterol as well as providing electorates that help keep you energized throughout the day- perfect for lunch to keep you going until dinner time. Of course chickpeas are a great source of protein they also contain many vitamins and minerals important to keep the body working, such as manganese.

Coconut Sweet Potato Chickpea Soup



This batch made about 4 large bowls of soup, however you can portion it out to last longer depending on if you want a side to go along with the soup. A bowl of this kept me satisfied until dinner, with my energy up, and it even tastes good cold! So if you aren’t weird like me and eat hot soup all summer long you do have the option to serve this cold. Let me know your thoughts on the recipe in the comments below!



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