Vegan Arabiatta Pasta

Arabiatta Pasta

I love spicy food, and I love pasta so the first time I had arabiatta sauce on my pasta I was in love. Two of my favorite things in one dish. So just as anyone else obsessed with food and cooking I decided to make my own version to satisfy my cravings. The funny thing is that I hadn’t realized just how good this sauce turned out until a few nights ago I was at an Italian restaurant and got arabiatta pasta and was disappointed in it’s lack of flavor and suddenly wished I’d stayed home and made my own. So in attempts to never have anyone else feel this disappointment I decided to share my recipe. Keep reading if you’re a spice lover too.


Arabiatta pasta sauce is a spicy Italian sauce, that I believe (If google is correct) the word arabiatta means ‘angry’ in Italian. Angry fully referring to the intense spice. The great thing about making your own pasta sauce though is that you can adjust the flavor to your wants and taste buds. So absolutely feel free to make this as spicy as you want- I will warn you this recipe is very spicy! So if you prefer a mild or medium adjust the chili flakes and hot peppers you add in accordingly.

Arabiatta Pasta Sauce



I don’t include instructions for the cooking of the pasta, nor what type of pasta to use, you may use any type of pasta you would like, and simply follow the package instructions. I used penne however that was simply because that’s what I was craving. This recipe does include a fair amount of oil, this adds to the texture that you want in the sauce, however if you’re watching your oil consumption you can adjust to what you do feel comfortable with, add a bit of water to help thin the sauce a bit.I let the sauce simmer for awhile after adding the final spices to let everything meld together and really let the flavors release.

When platting I was careful to not put more than two of the hot peppers per plate, as they are quite hot. I used an assorted mix sold at my local grocery store, they came in a container and I have seen this mix of hot peppers in many grocery stores so they should not be hard to find. Use which ever hot peppers you can get your hands on, however the circle ones are better than chili or jalapeno as they have more juice to release. Top with nutritional yeast or vegan Parmesan for a bit of a cheesy flavor (this also helps with handling the heat).


For the garlic bread I sliced up some fresh bread and added a mixture of olive oil, fresh basil, rosemary and garlic to the bread and toasted it in the oven at 400 degrees Celsius for roughly 15 minutes. Time depends on how thick the bread is, as well as how toasted you want it. If you’re interested in the sangria featured in the pictures I have already done a blog post on the recipe and I will link it below.

Let me know if you end up making this amazing dish! Another note is that I didn’t include any veggies in this pasta but feel free to add broccoli or mushrooms, peppers, anything that you love in your pasta! Sky is the limit this sauce is just the base so be creative!

If You’re interested in the sangria:




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