Hi there! I’m Laura, I’m passionate about veganism and all things health, and that is the focus of this blog. I started this platform to put out the vegan message, and help those who are struggling in making the transition to a vegan life style, or who are lacking motivation/ inspiration in recipes. On this blog you will find recipes, occasional vegan restaurant reviews, vegan tips, as well as my favorite workouts. I am lazy, and my recipes reflect that, majority of what I make will be fast, simple and easy to prep in advance for on the go. I hope you enjoy my content!

I often hear that being vegan is too expensive or unattainable for the average person. I understand where this misconception comes from, fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive, but when you compare the costs of plant based forms of protein compared with non-plant based resources plant based sources come out on top every time. There are a variety of nuts, seeds, soy based products as well as vegetables that are rich in protein and iron that are very economical and eco-friendly. The largest obstacle as a vegan is planning out your meals to insure you receive all the nutrients you need- however this is true of any diet. I aim to help with meal ideas, as well as general knowledge of where to find protein and iron rich plant based resources.

I love living a fit active lifestyle, going on walks, hiking, yoga and the gym are all ways I stay active. Getting outside every day helps to keep me moving, although not always easy with the cold winters here in Canada. I love photography so hiking allows me to combine photography and exercise in the same outlet.

Hamilton Mountain, ON

I have been a vegan for two years, and a vegetarian for 6 before that, the transition from vegetarian to vegan was an easy one for me, and I believe in a slow transition. This is not a space of hate, or judgement and I do not promote restrictive diets of any form. Veganism is not for everyone, I believe a balanced diet is important for any sustainable living- for us and the environment. Please ask me any questions about going vegan or plant-based.